ISQOLS has a foundation recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. The foundation allows people and organizations to make tax-deductible contributions. The objectives of ISQOLS foundation are to sponsor research on QOL in an area that is likely to lead to policy formulation and/or positive social change.


  • Assessing the QOL impact of retirement community housing on the elderly
  • Assessing the QOL impact of a hospice program on the terminally ill
  • Assessing family QOL impact of an educational program (e.g., Headstart)
  • Assessing the QOL impact of certain programs for people in mental institutions and psychiatric facilities
  • Developing a community QOL measures to identify residents’ needs for certain government services
  • Assessing community satisfaction of healthcare services in relation to overall community QOL
  • Assessing the QOL impact of a technological innovation on consumers
  • Developing QOL measures to assess the impact of landscape designs and architecture
  • Assessing the QOL impact of a certain travel/tourism program, and
  • Assessing community QOL impact of a recycling program.
  • To recognize important works in QOL research and finance awards programs.

During ISQOLS regular conferences, the society recognizes scholars and researchers for important QOL research. There are several awards that are given out every year.

Therefore ISQOLS has two funds the

In addition to that there lecture funds, each one dedicated to a special field of QOL:

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