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September 11, 2014

Press notice

Berlin, September 2014


Re: The Quality of Life Conference, Sustaining Quality of Life across the Globe

The International Society for Quality of Life Studies is holding its 12th international conference in Berlin, Germany. The 4-day meeting, organized by the largest international science association for quality of life research – ISQOLS – established in the mid-nineties, is the biggest gathering of the multi-disciplinary research community in the field. Over 250 researchers, practitioners and politicians are discussing recent developments and future challenges around the conference theme, Sustaining Quality of Life across the Globe. Featured keynotes will be given by prominent fellows, such as Andrew Clark, Paris School of Economics; Richard Lucas, Michigan State University; and Dan Haybron, Saint Louis University.

The policy relevance of a good life will be discussed in a public plenary discussion lead by ZEIT journalist Petra Pinzler, Minister of State Helge Braun, former Italian Labour and Social Affairs Minister Enrico Giovannini, former head of the World Database of Happiness Ruut Veenhoven, Prof. Alex Michalos, University of British Columbia, and Gert Wagner, DIW Berlin.

ISQOLS awards 2014:

The RESEARCH FELLOW AWARDS for substantial contribution to QOL research will be awarded to:

CAROL GRAHAM, Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution and College Park Professor at the School of Public Policy at the University of Maryland. She is also a Research Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) in Bonn.

TAKASHI INOGUCHI, President of the University of Niigata Prefecture, Japan

MAHAR MANGAHAS, Professor (em.) of Economics at the University of the Philippines, Vice-President for Research of the Development Academy of the Philippines, and UNICEF Consultant on Social Indicators for the Governments of Malaysia and Indonesia.

The DISTINGUISHED QOL RESEARCH AWARD in 2014 for a lifetime and substantial contribution to QOL research is awarded to:

FERRAN CASAS, Professor of Social Psychology, University of Girona, Spain.

For a significant accomplishment by an organization (private or public sector organization) to the development and use of QOL measures in serving its constituency is awarded to the:

WORLD HAPPINESS REPORT, Edited by Professor John F. Helliwell, of the University of British Columbia, Lord Richard Layard, Director of the Well-Being Programme at LSE’s Centre for Economic Performance; and Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs, Director of the
Earth Institute at Columbia University, Director of the SDSN, and Special Advisor to the UN Secretary General.

The DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD in 2014 for a outstanding service to the Society in a leadership position  is awarded to:

FILOMENA MAGGINO, Professor of Social Statistics and Multivariate Statistical Analysis. President and co-founder of the Italian Association for Quality-of-Life Studies (AIQUAV). Past-president of ISQOLS. Editor-in-Chief of Social Indicators Research journal (Springer).

The conference is being held at the

Press contact: (English and German)
Denis Huschka, ISQOLS Executive Director
Tel: +49 (0)152 5459 0402

September 5, 2014

Quality of Life Research, Vol. 23, Issue 7

Qualit of Life Research, Volume 23, Issue 7 is now available at SpringerLink.

The Table of Content can ve viewed here.


New Springer Books

Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities

Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities aims to report on the scholarly  progress of work to understand, address, and ultimately eliminate health disparities based on race and ethnicity. The journal is the Official journal of the Cobb-NMA Institute, whose mission is to eliminate racial and ethnic  health disparities.


The all new Papers 3 for Windows & Papers Online

Papers 3 for Windows has been redesigned from the ground up to provide a revolutionary research experience. And Papers Online offers a convenient reading list and shared collections in your browser. Your research, full speed ahead!


New: Encyclopedia of Quality of Life and Well-Being Research

Edited by: Alex C. Michalos. Start reading on or recommend to your librarian.


Social Sciences, Quality of Life Research


Applications of Flow in Human Development and Education Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly

Chinese Adolescents in Hong Kong
Book Series: Quality of Life in Asia, Vol. 5
Editor/s: Shek, Daniel T.L.; Sun, Rachel C. F.; Ma, Cecilia

Flow and the Foundations of Positive Psychology Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly

Religion and Spirituality Across Cultures
Book Series: Cross-Cultural Advancements in Positive Psychology, Vol. 9
Editor/s: Kim-Prieto, Chu

Latest Article Alert from Psychology of Well-Being: Theory, Research and Practice

The following new articles have just been published:


Relations of admiration and adoration with other emotions and well-being

Schindler I

Psychology of Well-Being 2014, 4 :14 (19 August 2014)

Abstract | Full Text | PDF | PubMed
Short report  

Evaluation of the inner wellbeing model in Zambia

Gaines SO

Psychology of Well-Being 2014, 4 :16 (19 August 2014)

Abstract | Full Text | PDF | PubMed

ISQOLS: Registration for XII ISQOLS Confernce closes on Wednesday, September 10th

Dear ISQOLS-members,

Ten more days and the international and interdisciplinary quality-of-life community is meeting in Berlin, Germany. Registration will close by end of business, Wednesday, September 10th. If you want to join the quality-of-life-experts in Berlin, we ask you to register as soon as possible at

Please let us know at if you are only interested in partaking in the conference dinner on Wednesday, September 17th at the Umweltforum ( A participation fee for external guests of 70 Euros in cash will be charged at the entrance.

Come explore new horizons in quality of life with us!

Peter Krause & Jessica Ordemann

August 29, 2014

XII ISQOLS Conference: Important news for registration

Dear ISQOLS-members,


the XII. Quality of Life-conference in Berlin, Germany is approaching quickly.

Only two more weeks and the international community for QoL-studies is meeting in Berlin to discuss and share their latest findings. Due to the vacation season and the short registration period, we have waived the late registration fees.

But we would like to ask you to register as soon as possible at


If you are coming with more than three people from one institution, you might qualify for institutional rates. In this case please contact us at


You will find the revised program of the conference here!


Come explore new horizons in quality of life with us!

Peter Krause & Jessica Ordemann

August 14, 2014


Attending the ISQOLS 12th Conference in Berlin?

If you are a new scholar to quality of life studies, apply for a travel grant of $500 US. New scholars are doctoral students or graduates of doctoral programs within the last three years and have been accepted to present at the conference September 15 – 18.

Send your name, status of degree program/year of study, area of study, title and time of your presentation to:

Rhonda Phillips
President, ISQOLS

Our committee will review applications and select up to five awardees.

Due date: August 28, 2014

August 12, 2014

Social Indicators Research, Vol. 118, Issue 2

Social Indicators Research, Vol. 118, Issue 2 is now available at SpringerLink.

View the TOC here.

Child Indicators Research, Vol. 7, Issue 3

Child Indicators Research, Vol. 7, Issue 3 is now available at SpringerLink.

View the TOC here.

Journal of Happiness Studies, Vol. 15, Issue 4

Journal of Happiness Studies, Vol. 15, Issue 4 is now available at SpringerLink.

View the TOC here.

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