ISQOLS Executive Committee

ISQOLS Executive Committee 2015 – 2016

  • Rhonda Phillips (President)
  • Mariano Rojas (President Elect)
  • Filomena Maggino, Robert Cummins, Valerie Moller, Richard Estes, Wolfgang Glatzer (Past Presidents)
  • Denis Huschka (Executive Director)
  • Don Rahtz (Vice President of Publications)
  • Ferran Casas (Vice President of Professional Affairs)
  • Jose de Jesus Garcia Vega (Co-Vice President of Publicity/Membership)
  • Ming-Chang Tsai (Co-Vice President of Publicity/Membership)
  • Peter Krause (Vice President of Programs)
  • Giampaolo Nuvolati (Vice President of Academic Affairs)
  • Andrew Clark (Vice President of Finance)
  • Graciela Tonon (Vice President of External Affairs)
  • Joseph Sirgy (Co-Vice President Development)
  • Richard Estes (Co-Vice President Development)
  • Ken Land (Editor of SINET)
  • Daniel Shek (Editor of ARQOL)

ISQOLS Executive Director

  • Jill Johnson has been named our ISQOLS Executive Director. Jill can be contacted at, and the ISQOLS office is now located in the Phoenix, Arizona area.